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  • Quality handmade carpet ion techniques

    Quality handmade carpet ion techniques

    Handmade carpets pure hand-made, mostly pure wool and silk as materials, pattern before and after design, color, dyeing, the warp, hand knotted more than 10 processes the manufacture. Due to the complicated production process, handmade carpets prices are gene。。。。。。。
  • Living room carpet ion techniques

    Living room carpet ion techniques

    Living room carpet ion function according to the living room in the home life to choose not only the size of the carpet, size and color ion, while the living room carpet material ion is also very important, so in the end of the living room carpet how to choose。。。。。。。
  • Rag mats series Tutorial

    Rag mats series Tutorial

    Mats is a family of essential household items, is placed at the entrance to achieve an effective addition to mud and dirt absorb moisture, in order to keep the indoor ground clean and hygienic products. Since it is a product for indoor clean. Then we can make 。。。。。。。
  • What soundproof insulation blanket blanket price

    What soundproof insulation blanket blanket price

    With the development of increasingly rapid urban expansion are more and more vehicles on the streets, etc., which affect our lives is very large, such as the sound of the car, the human voice, Construction Equipment noise, etc., may be every work and rest affe。。。。。。。
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