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Several advantages carpet tile presentation

 Several advantages carpet tile presentation

Modern home is widely used in all types of carpet, there are wool, cotton, linen, silk, grass and other materials on the carpet, there is a long strip, box carpet style. Carpet tiles suitable family home due to more widespread use in order to carpet tiles and very popular, here to tell you about a few of the big advantages of carpet tiles.
Advantages carpet tile presentation
1, good insulation: Good thermal insulation properties of carpet tiles. Also has the effect of balancing the indoor temperature in winter can block ground oozed coolness, keep the indoor temperature comfortable in summer to prevent the influx of hot air indoors, keeping the interior cool.
2, wash for convenience: easy to replace carpet tile cleaning is easy, just put the old carpet coming out, and then covered with new carpet can be convenient.
3, damping Comfort: step on the carpet tile first feeling is comfortable, body relaxed comfortable, effective mitigation of fatigue, it will not appear hard ground and the sole frequent collisions tremor.
4, clean the dust: As the surface of the carpet tile densely many tufts, so punch space down to the dust will be attracted to it, to prevent dust and runaway under transparent, but also reduces the content of dust in the air, keeping indoor air clean.
5, acoustic noise: the indoor carpet can absorb noise and echo. Effectively reduce the spread of noise and pollution, to bring you a quiet living environment.
6, non-slip safety: walking is not easy to slide on the carpet tiles, plus the flexibility of the carpet, but also can greatly reduce the possibility of fall injuries, which the elderly, children also played a protective role.
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