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PVC carpet tile how to identify the pros and cons

 PVC carpet tile how to identify the pros and cons

PVC carpet tile carpet is what it? In fact, PVC carpet tile is a kind of PVC materials for the carpeted floor mats, floor this size is typically 1m * 1m or 0.5m * 0.5m, PVC carpet tiles are mainly used in public places, home also of the living room It will be used, so when buying PVC carpet tile should pay attention to product quality.
PVC carpet tile merits of identification:
1, the strength of PVC carpet tile identification
First, the PVC box carpet fold observed PVC Backing for cracks or white marks on, if none of these phenomena, that is, high-quality PVC carpet, high-quality white carpet is not easy to fold, easy to tear, easy to deformation under pressure. Otherwise inferior carpet, seriously affecting life.
2, while Alice identification PVC carpet tile
Alice measurement problem is very simple, the ruler into the carpet, rugs and observe the level of the fit, the fit is tight carpet carpet as well, so the best laying the ground also neat. Poor quality carpet will be a serious problem of poor product. Uneven, patchwork and other obvious problems, the user's life experience great inconvenience.
3, brushed identification PVC carpet tile
For the identification of PVC nap carpet tile, is to use the coins on the carpet several times back and forth friction, then check the surface of the carpet, the carpet does not change the surface of the carpet, then that is good, straight poor quality carpet will have a friction marks. This is very easy to use to do the office space and corridors will fluff phenomenon in an office chair rollers.
4, anti-fouling identification PVC carpet tile
Identification of PVC carpet stain is very important to deal with pollution in the production process better carpet in everyday use waterproof, dustproof. Poor quality carpet dirty no easy process, and not a good cleaning, increased maintenance costs.
5, environmental protection and identification of PVC carpet tile
PVC carpet tile environmental protection is very important to check also very simple, just gently a smell, if there is a pungent odor, such as formaldehyde, TVOC and other harmful gases taste, it is non-compliance. And the environmental health of the carpet is no smell, when consumers buy certain how long an eye.
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