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What carpet glue is? About carpet glue

 What carpet glue is? About carpet glue

What carpet glue is? Conjecture is certainly used sticky carpets, carpet glue in the end what is it? Carpet glue, also known as double-sided adhesive carpet, and ordinary life is not the same double-sided adhesive, glue carpet gauze for the substrate, double-sided poured PE (Polyethylene PE), also coated with a silicone release agent, using double-sided isolation paper for the backing, this material is widely used carpet coverings, such as seams, stitching and sealed when use.
Characteristics of the carpet glue
Carpet glue is a class of organic material, it green, colorless and tasteless more non-toxic, no harm to human body, nor pollute the indoor environment. Moisture carpet glue, double-sided tape is also very stable, high tensile strength to overcome the need to use carpet, high peel strength, good fixed effects, and stripping is also convenient, will not leave a residue of PE plastic.
The use of plastic carpet
The main purpose is to glue carpet edge seams. It is a high wear-resistant tape, so widely used, commonly used in advertising behind strong fixed thickness of carpet glue stick this high double-sided adhesive glue reaches 280U, typically used for large-scale outdoor advertising, mold, printing, fixed carpet paste It acts as a slip.
Carpet glue cost-effective, polyethylene cloth glued to the substrate, strong adhesive properties, beautiful appearance, high tensile strength, easy to use, easy to tear, suitable for surface protection, corrugated boxes sealed with, repairing, building waterproof engineering and so on.
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