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Acrylic electrostatic you will play?

 Acrylic is polyacrylonitrile fibers, is a product of modern organic chemistry, is not toxic to humans, but also environmentally friendly. So in life production and use more. Acrylic elastic, Ye Hao insulation performance, thermal insulation performance is also higher than 15% wool it. Legend of acrylic products for daily use and then prone to static electricity, work together to understand it below.

Acrylic electrostatic it will play
Acrylic electrostatic you will play? The correct answer is: Acrylic will play static. In China acrylic fiber is polyacrylonitrile fiber products, excellent properties of acrylic wool is very close, so when using the anti-wool, the "synthetic wool" said, we all know, the wool will play static, it still will play a static acrylic and easier than wool from static electricity. All objects are dried prone to static electricity.
Acrylic will play static, so acrylic products are easy to play static, no matter how processed in the production process, always changing the chemical nature of acrylic, electrostatic charge everywhere, leading to the accumulation of static electricity you are, you're not feeling let the electrostatic transfer. As the acrylic fiber products, it is easy to generate static electricity. Furthermore acrylic is an insulator, static electricity is not easy to transfer accumulated electric people often in the winter, if the weather is dry, acrylic carpet will also be static electricity, power to the people. Acrylic winter wear clothes, but also easily lead to electricity.
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