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Carbon crystal electric carpet how,

 Carbon crystal electric carpet how? I believe one of the issues of concern to many consumers. As China's economic takeoff, the carbon crystal electric carpet as a new product is quickly introduced their modern home decoration art, here we went into the carbon crystal electric carpet, into the South Korean carbon crystal electric carpet.

Carbon crystal electric carpet how?
Carbon crystal electric carpet of carbon crystal is a modified carbon particles heat purified product, it takes a short carbon fiber after the transformation of a milling process, then made after crystallites, adding far-infrared emitter production heating component made, of course, have to use a special nature of the production process. Carbon crystal electric carpet to ask how? First, let's look at its carbon crystal electric carpet features.
1. The infrared radiation carbon crystal electric carpet caused not produce high-frequency radiation, in the absence of UV light and no see, not only does not harm the body, but also can enhance human immunity and promote metabolism.
2. Carbon crystal electric carpet, the temperature gradient is small, so the heat losses are small.
3. Compared with other products, carbon crystal electric carpet is in use synchronized with building life, which is China's first through 100,000 hours of life testing electric material products.
4. Carbon crystal electric carpet waterproof material reached 7, will be able to fully soak in water use.
5. Carbon crystal electric carpet of carbon crystal belong to the "carbon" element, will not cause air and water, and so on hazardous substances.
Carbon crystal electric carpet as high-end products, because of which the carbon crystal material and the thermostat is quite expensive, so the price of carbon crystal electric carpet finished product is quite expensive, plus Korean exports of this product is over, which added transportation costs, etc., then the carpet Korean carbon crystal electric prices, that is, imagine.
"Conclusion: The above Xiaobian collected on how like carbon crystal electric carpet, the entire contents of Korean carbon crystal electric carpet prices, I believe we have a certain understanding after reading its carbon crystal electric carpet of carbon crystal electric carpet. prices, too, can be said to pay for the loan, so this price is quite normal.
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