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Mat Bao advantages

 Mat Bao surface is uniform continuous closed-cell cellular structure, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation, resistance to stress other aspects have good performance. When the wood flooring can be used for leveling the ground, laid directly on the hair to the ground, very convenient and simple.

Mat Bao advantages
★ decay mildew moth: environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, water does not rot mold, not afraid of insects.
★ insulation properties: Winter hinders heat loss from the ground, reducing air-conditioning in the summer from the ground lost. Reduce air conditioning is turned on, saving energy.
★ tide of anti-moisture: block the penetration of moisture from the floor and room on the ground floor. Extend the life of the floor, holding ground is not damp, can rest assured that sleep lying on the floor.
★ noise reduction: the elimination of ground noise, create a quiet space.
★ Long-term pressure: can load 25t / m of the weight of long-term pressure will not bump deformation. It may be the same life with the floor.
★ easy to install, cost savings: You can replace the keel or cement screed, laid directly on the ground indoor wool, for floor irregularities, can be polished or crushes in conjunction with the ground surface that is at the level.
However, at present most of the treasure mats manufacturers in order to save costs, are making use of recycled plastic mats treasure, poor quality mats will treasure after damp moldy, bacteria, corrosion floor, long-term in this environment on human health have very Great damage. And floor mats treasure use can cause damage to the deformation of the floor after a long time. So when buying mats treasure still have to be treated with caution.
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