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How to choose outdoor moisture pad

 Select outdoor mats have many considerations: insulation, comfort, weight, volume, durability. How can so many characteristics of screening, the most important and discharge times important? Described in detail below:

1 you how much storage space
If your backpack is always full, a portable outdoor moisture pad is worth considering. But if you have a means of transport, then the volume is not a problem. Who want to sleep comfortable point?
2 You can choose the type of
The market many types of outdoor moisture pad, before purchasing to find out their characteristics are not time-consuming.
A. foamed plastic mats: high-pressure polyethylene material, after foam molding according to different specifications cut to the thickness of the sheet, it becomes a common outdoor moisture pad. Characterized by a closed-cell, non-absorbent, relatively inexpensive. Due to the low durability in a foreign country it is usually a one-time use. Our low-consumption countries, people's consumption habits want to be used multiple times in order to reduce investment. Meet this requirement, some businesses put low times foam and high-powered foam slice sliced ​​up composite, which is on the market to see double-color proof pad, since the use of low magnification outer foam slice, so resistant to its bottom grindability greatly enhanced. The advantage of this mat is the price is very low, very light weight; but the durability is poor, smelly, bad for your health.
B. EVA moisture pad: EVA also known as the back of the plastic, and closed cell foam pad moisture compared with good elasticity, toughness and other characteristics, and the first class and mats than costs nearly doubled, but the comfort and durability of the greatly improved. But its appearance, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish the difference, the real proof pad EVA material in the domestic market are rare.
C. XPE mats: XPE mats, also known as semi-hole bubble membrane pad, using ultra-high pressure polyethylene material. This material is not as pure EVA high-grade material, but strength, toughness and tensile strength than the closed-cell foam material much better, but not as good as closed-cell water-repellent material, the manufacturers of the production of such mats, in the process by high-temperature rigidity make crust, so as to enhance water repellency. This crust through processing (embossing) of moisture-proof pad, not only enhances the appearance, water repellency, but also improve the toughness, and because of the pattern of grooves, breathable feel better. XPE new varieties introduced in recent years, the price is slightly higher than the closed-cell foam material, the use of comfort has obvious advantages, it can be said to be low in moisture-proof pad ideal varieties. But XPE From the outside, feeling a little rough, which often misleading, that it comfort slightly worse, but it is not. XPE biggest advantage is that the material does not add toxic chemicals, will not emit nauseating odor. This is the real reason for its high price.
D. inflatable moisture pad: This is called air bed moisture pad, is used in the earliest use of water floating mats, which use cotton fabrics scraping gum produced by air bed, good moisture resistance, but the larger volume , heavy quality, and charge, discharge too much trouble, the outdoor moisture pad is a less common varieties.
E. Automatic inflatable moisture pad: Automatic inflatable moisture pad is high-end products, has sold more than 2,000 yuan, very comfortable, family-like feel of its Simmons. In the production process and mats heart with the compression and expansion of a good sponge filled sponge squeeze the gas, turn off the gas nozzle inner pad into a semi-vacuum state, the volume becomes smaller. Open the gas nozzle, under the effect of ambient air pressure, swelling sponge can be automatically sucked in the air cushion, so called automatic inflatable cushion, air-filled mats have very good flexibility. Such mats due to different selection, divided into high, medium and low grade. Low quality will reach 100 kg. High-grade weight can be controlled at about 700 grams.
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