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How to clean wool floor mats

 How to clean wool floor mats

Wool mats, as the name suggests, its based on the wool, while wool color mostly white, which will also cause problems for cleaning wool mats. How to clean wool floor mats? Below here Xiaobian share some wool mats cleaning methods, we want to help.
Wool mats cleaning methods
● best water temperature around 35 degrees, it should be washed gently squeeze, avoid hand rub, rub, twist. Do not use the washing machine.
● sure to use a neutral detergent, when used, generally water and detergent ratio of 100: 3.
● Slowly add cold water to rinse, water temperature gradually to room temperature, then rinse clean.
● After washing, first hand pressure, the pressure of the water out, and then with a dry cloth wrapped up the pressure, you can also use centrifugal dewatering machine. Note To long white wool can be wrapped with a cloth into the dryer; dehydration can not be too long, can only dehydration 2 minutes.
● Wash dehydration, long white wool mats should be placed in ventilated place spread out to dry, do not hang or sun exposure to avoid long white wool mats deformation.
How to clean wool floor mats? Special stains
● juice stains: first with 5% ammonia solution cleaning, neutral detergent and then wash it again later. But ammonia on wool carpet fiber injury effect, it should be to reduce the use of generally available citric acid or soap, alcohol can also be used.
● soy sauce stain: a new stain first brush with cold water, then detergent, that is removed, aged stains can be warm detergent and ammonia scrubbing and cleaning the net.
● Shoes grease: gasoline, alcohol wipe, then wash with soap.
● urine stains: a new stain can be warm or 10% of the scrubbing liquid ammonia removal, aged stains before washing with detergent, and then ammonia wash wool carpet to use citric acid wash.
"Conclusion: For cleaning wool mats, there are many methods, but in the cleaning process, they have to pay attention to some details, because wool mats with white majority, after a lot of time cleaning wool mats color will be black, yellowing phenomenon, which affects the whole effect of the decoration wool mats.
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