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What is good material for climbing mats?

 What is good material for climbing mats?

Baby creeping pad originated in Japan and South Korea, and Japan and South Korea market tends to mature, the Chinese market awareness is also gradually formed. Baby crawling mat now has a lot of aliases, baby climbing mat, baby game mat, baby activity pad, in fact, refers to the baby crawling mat. Crawling mat according to the different materials can be divided into: EVA crawling pad, EPE crawling pad, XPE crawling pad, PVC crawling pad. Buy crawling mat should be asked what is the material, without having to ask what brand.
EVA crawling mats
The same time as the above-
EVA crawling mat is made by EVA resin granulation foam molding. EVA resin is non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, this material production of creeping mat if it is not added to other toxic additives directly foam molding is non-toxic harmless. But now many companies are not regular, the use of recycled materials to produce EVA crawling mat. Which the main ingredient has changed, is no longer a simple EVA, and also joined the other harmful plastic material. This kind of recycled plastic production crawling mat taste unpleasant, the baby is more harmful to the body.
The same time as the above-
EVA is usually used for puzzle mats, because of its own strong smell, and there are low toxicity, the media has repeatedly reported that infants use this product has skin allergies, it is not recommended. EVA foam puzzle mats in Belgium and France have been suspended for sale.
The same time as the above-
EVA in the domestic production process is mature, the price is very low, so accounted for 90% of the main crawling pad market. Many of the bad business in the country with EVA recycling materials to do mats, such mats with luggage, soles and other waste recycling made by adding a lot of color and foam economy, great harm to the human body. EVA are silk screen, baby direct contact with ink, and ink is the most unstable material, long-term use will cause harm to the human body. EVA absorbent, vacuum, with two months after the change will be dirty, not easy to take care.
Generally this kind of stitching foam pad are EVA material, the advantage of this mat is that the color and pattern selection is wide, stitching way is also more flexible, according to their own home space with random splicing, is unable to distinguish in the end add harmful plastic material No, only from the brand and the price up to identify. Mothers if you need to choose this material crawling mat, in the purchase of the smell of smell, pungent taste of the recommendations do not buy, if the price is very cheap, it is best not to buy.
EPE crawling mat
The same time as the above-
EPE, also known as Zhenzhu Mian, from the low-density polyethylene resin by the physical foam produced numerous independent bubbles, non-toxic and tasteless environmentally friendly materials. To overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile, deformation, poor recovery of the shortcomings. With water and moisture, shock, noise, insulation, good plasticity, toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact, and many other advantages.
The same time as the above-
With this material made of creeping pad surface has a waterproof, and flexible, lightweight, flexible, but also through the bending to absorb and disperse the external impact force, to achieve the effect of cushioning, to overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile , Deformation, poor recovery of the shortcomings. At the same time with a certain insulation effect, the baby playing in the above do not have to worry about fear of freezing, and crawling mat is also very easy to clean, this material with the family is also quite a lot.
The same time as the above-
1, like its 5MM, 10MM mat, with a long time will be thin, the child can not achieve the protective effect.
2, the material from the methane gas foam, is a flammable material. There is a big security risk.
3, into the low threshold manufacturers are particularly low, the market price, the network prices are messy.
XPE crawling mat
XPE is a low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main raw material, add a variety of chemical blowing agent AC, and other types of foam compared with: Tough, heat insulation, sound insulation effect is good, high corrosion resistance, good resilience, small water absorption, feel comfortable and other excellent performance. Under normal circumstances as long as the regular manufacturers to use this material production crawling mat is no problem, the baby has no effect. Its material production into the high threshold, the most mature production process in Japan and South Korea.
VC for the scientific name of PVC, itself non-toxic, but PVC made after processing mats, can not be reused, can not be their own degradation, can only be handled by incineration, but it will produce a lot of hydrogen chloride gas combustion, The human body has a great deal of harm in the EU, Japan, the United States has been prohibited in the interior decoration with PVC to do raw materials (like the previous PVC wire, switch to the PE wire). So the use of PVC will give the future environment to bring a heavy burden.
PVC mats, soft and comfortable, but the shortcomings are:
1, very heavy
2, the water, the surface film is basically destroyed after the use (after the water, and can not directly in the sun, will fade, harden).
3, a heavy burden on the environment.
4, the surface printing, the baby direct contact with ink, and ink is the most unstable material, long-term use will cause harm to the human body.
5, the price is very expensive
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