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Carpet conservation precautions and errors

 Carpet conservation precautions and errors

Carpet in the daily life can give home a comfortable feeling, the kind of soft texture allows you to experience the fun of life, but with the changes in time, the air dust impurities will be attached to the carpet, so the carpet conservation Important, carpet maintenance can not follow their own thinking to operate, we should understand some of the expertise to avoid the carpet conservation errors.
Carpet conservation errors:
Misunderstanding 1: regular cleaning is maintenance
Many people will think that the maintenance of the carpet is often cleaned, in fact, is not the case, cleaning is of course a good thing, if the rinse carpet will often affect its softness, color, luster. Usually the maintenance of the floor is the vacuum. Such as daily dust removal and regular thorough cleaning.
Misunderstanding 2: After cleaning the carpet in the sun exposure
Many people will wash the carpet into the sun under the irradiation, that this can make it faster to dry, or the carpet into the sun exposure to achieve sterilization effect, in fact, this approach is wrong. Carpet 1-2 hours is generally no problem, but the long-term exposure will make the carpet lost the original soft and its color, no doubt become more harm than good. The best way to dry the carpet is to place the air vents naturally so that the damage to the carpet is minimal.
Misunderstanding 3: mistakenly felt the carpet hair loss
When the carpet is in use, it is sometimes found that the surface of the carpet has a thin layer of "floating hair", or the carpet hair length is different, some people will think it is carpet hair loss. In fact, otherwise, produce "floating hair" is a common situation of short fiber wool carpets, and carpet hair length of the phenomenon, as long as the hand to the same direction will be smooth hair can be. Do not think it is hair loss and blindly replace the carpet.
Acrylic carpet maintenance Note:
The carpet should pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, or the carpet at any time will become your home a hotbed of bacteria, especially in the summer, the carpet is the favorite place of bacteria and insects, clean and maintenance, so that the carpet to keep clean, home for a comfortable environment of.
Note 1: dust removal in addition to mites is necessary
Dust accumulation in the carpet, the fiber will cause wear and tear, the color of the carpet will become dark, in the lobby, corridors and other places frequent walking, should be done 2-3 times a week vacuum, the bedroom generally once a week vacuum, In addition, the carpet is mites, bacteria favorite place, often dust can effectively remove the hidden in the carpet fiber eggs and bacteria. This is better than the regular cleaning carpet effect.
Note 2: timely removal of carpet stains
Another important part of the maintenance of the carpet is decontamination, the sooner the better the work of decontamination, so that the effect will be better, if after a long time to deal with it, the stain has penetrated into the carpet fiber After, it will lead to the stains can already be removed has become difficult to remove.
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