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How to choose a bathroom mat

 How to choose a bathroom mat

The bathroom is the most moist place in the room, but also the most slippery place, so the selection, you can touch the front of the anti-skid pads, the use of high-quality fluff material, giving a soft, soft feeling.

Bathroom anti-skid mat on the back, can choose PVC non-slip materials, rubber and other materials, PVC material environmental protection, anti-skid performance, rubber material non-slip mat drainage good, light, and tough, durable, beautiful, long life, non-slip function it is good.

      Bathroom anti-skid mat in the environment because it is damp, therefore, must always clean it, ultra-fine fibers, coconut fiber and rubber flocking material non-slip mat is easier to clean, but non-slip performance in general.

Understand the characteristics of each material anti-skid pad, but also conducive to purchase. The following describes the characteristics of several non-slip mat material.

    Polyamide: good wear resistance, easy to clean, but easy to deformation, easy to produce static electricity, the case will be dissolved in case of fire.

    Polyester: abrasion resistance after the nylon, heat, light.

    Polypropylene: light weight, good elasticity, high strength; raw materials rich, wear resistance, low prices.

    Acrylic: soft, warm, good elasticity; soft texture, soft colors, easy hair loss, the back of the slide design; but the water is not strong, poor wear resistance.

    Cotton: cotton material, good water absorption; good material plasticity, can do different three-dimensional design changes, cleaning is very convenient; can be used with non-slip mats.

    Microfiber: water absorption is 1.5-2 times that of cotton, fiber fineness is cotton 1/10; touch more cotton than the soft, fiber density is very small, easy to attach dirt, maintenance and more convenient cleaning.

    Coconut fiber: Recycled with natural coconut fiber; environmentally friendly and durable, natural color and color printing; can effectively scrape off the soles of sediment, dirt and clean and easy.

    Rubber flocking: good drainage, light, and tough, durable, beautiful, long life; both with anti-slip function, can also effectively help scraping the soles of sediment, cleaning is very convenient.


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