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How to clean the bathroom mats in the hair

 How to clean the bathroom mats in the hair


Fast cleaning coup a rinse with a high-pressure water gun, the use of high-pressure water gun momentum to the bathroom mat above the hair and stains washed down; after the sun under the sun drying sterilization, remove the smell, Do not spice perfume and other flavoring agent, this will make the taste more strange, counterproductive.

Fast clean coup two: this time to use the people will be diligent, that is, after each bath on the bathroom anti-mat to clean up, so that the effective prevention of the accumulation of stains.

Fast cleaning coup three: before use with some lines back and forth in the mat above the mat, pay attention to leave the thread, until you find the hair above, and put the original wrapped around the line together, you will find all the hair are Out, and are in your original wrapped around the line above, this method is also good Oh!


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