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Wedding exhibition carpet

   Wedding exhibition carpet


   Exhibition carpet staple fibers through different layout of equipment and processes into a network, after acupuncture and other processes so that different fibers intertwined, entangled fixing the fabric normalized, so that the fabric is soft, plump, thick, stiff, to achieve different thickness to meet the requirements. Acupuncture forming fabric and then through the back of the plastic, drying stereotypes, trimming, packing rolls.


   [How to Buy]: purchasing volume = length * width. Products are shipped directly from the manufacturer.

   [Features]: cheap, stylish, modern, flamboyant, distinctive, so you have a romantic wedding! Complete success of the exhibition!

   [Advantages]: non-slip, moisture-proof, anti-static, noise, every cool, can not ball, lint-free, good flatness, hardness, and high cost.

   Usage: carpet glue or double-sided tape fixed position P or bonding, direct siphoning dirty surface can be vacuum cleaner dust, 2mm thick carpets mostly one-time use, good maintenance can be used multiple times.


   The scope of application: for the wedding, exhibitions, celebrations, parties, opening ceremony.

- Size: Width: less than 4 meters, length: 25 m -100 m / roll


   Exhibition carpet Packing and shipping:

   Outside Packaging Details: Internal packaging, plastic film packaging, bags

   Delivery details: within one week after receipt of 


   Frequently Asked Questions

   1. Delivery time is what - - - - - - about 35 days after deposit

   2. What Moq class --2000 meters

   3. What packages - - - - - - bags and plastic bags

   4. What payment methods - - - - - - T / T or letter of credit

   5. Free samples do? - - - Yes


   Our products include:


   Plain / stripes exhibition carpet, velvet jacquard carpets, velvet carpets, double jacquard carpet, printed carpets, ribbed velvet carpet, pvc mats, geotextile fabric, carpet tile, chenille rugs, silk rugs, bath mats and so on.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me, I would be glad to help you.


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