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Fashion designed waterproof plastic flooring mat carpet

 Fashion designed waterproof plastic flooring mat carpet

 Name】: two-color mat / diamond-shaped hollow anti-skid mat

【Specification】: roll: 0.9 × 15m 1.2 × 15m

【Style】: modern simple, can emboss the pattern

【Color】: red and yellow, red and green, red and purple

【Advantages】: Integral plastic-free new structural design, strong and durable, PVC flame-retardant wear, friction, flexible, good insulation, water resistance, non-toxic, no stimulation of the human body, no pollution Better protection;

Mainly to protect the ground, non-slip water, beautiful decoration, easy to clean, durable texture, recyclable. Non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and easy to fade.


Bright colors, nice shape easy to clean, easy care, water can be washed and many other advantages. Anti-skid bottom structure, effectively prevent the mat moving, so that customers must be assured, practical and environmentally friendly. Long life, beautiful, good integrity, corrosion resistance, no rot, compared with other advantages of noise and other advantages.





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